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Looking to maximize your savings through the 340B program?
Elite 340B Solutions can help. Our team of experienced consultants specializes in finding solutions that work for your organization, with monthly savings on average over $150,000. Let us help you reduce your drug costs and increase your program efficiency.

Audit & Compliance

340B Optimization



At Elite 340B Solutions, we have a proven track record in analyzing over 100,000 claims for numerous entities. Our approach involves leveraging our extensive experience, determination, and advanced algorithms to identify, assess, and correct incomplete claims that may not currently be captured within your 340B program. Using your existing 340B administration systems, we meticulously validate documentation, ensuring that you secure savings that might
otherwise be lost.


Our foundation is built on compliance with your established policies, procedures, and auditing processes. At Elite 340B Solutions, we collaborate with you to thoroughly assess, refine, and enhance your overall approach to the 340B program. We prioritize adherence to regulatory requirements and best practices, ensuring your program is robustly compliant.


We firmly believe in the potential for growth within your 340B program. Our experienced teams have consistently helped organizations increase their net 340B savings by a minimum of 15%. Our approach involves a thorough examination of your data, guided by a curious eye, deep industry experience, and the integration of technology. We scrutinize various aspects, including contract pharmacy relationships, primary care and specialty networks, and community engagement. Rest assured, you're never alone in this journey. We work hand-in-hand with you to execute a strategic plan that enables your organization to become the best possible 340B program it can be.


Elite 340B Solutions offers comprehensive ESP program management services. We understand the challenges posed by the extraordinary and often unnecessary reporting burdens associated with ESP programs. Our expertise can significantly improve your cashflow without disrupting your daily operations. Whether it's data wholesaler switches, TPA activations, or any other aspect of ESP program management, we provide a turnkey solution that ensures you have everything you need to optimize your program efficiently.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like further details or have specific questions about any of these services.


Claim Recovery and Referral Capture

ESP Program Management

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