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Elite 340B

Optimize Your 340B Program with Our Concierge Services 

Elite 340B Solutions offers full-spectrum management of 340B services for healthcare entities who want to maximize their benefits from the program. Our solutions begin with eligibility verification, proceeding with program implementation, and daily program management and optimization. Partner with us, and stay HRSA compliant while creating value in healthcare.

Navigating the Complex World of 340B

As a leading 340B consulting and management company, Elite 340B Solutions boasts a vast portfolio, working with 21+ states, 19+ TPAs, 10+ EMRs, 5+ wholesalers, and partnering with 45+ health systems. Our deep expertise enables us to navigate the intricate nuances of your 340B program. From ESP and referrals to contract pharmacy management and compliance program design, we offer comprehensive solutions for your needs, including full program management.

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"Collaborating closely with Elite 340B Solutions has truly transformed the way we operate our DSH entity in Mississippi. Their comprehensive grasp of our intricate 340B program and their unwavering commitment to tailoring solutions to our unique operational needs have been instrumental. Elite 340B Solutions isn't just a partner; they've become an essential part of our operational success. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any healthcare entity seeking to optimize their 340B program. Moreover, their partnership has led to significant cost savings, enhancing our overall operational efficiency." -Director of Pharmacy for a DSH entity in Mississippi

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

"Elite 340B Solutions not only possesses a profound understanding of the intricate 340B program but also exhibits a resolute commitment to tailoring their services to align with our distinct financial goals. Their expertise, unwavering dedication, and customized solutions have not just simplified the complexities of our 340B program but have significantly bolstered our financial stability. Most notably, their partnership led to substantial cost savings for our organization. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any healthcare entity seeking to optimize their 340B program." -CFO of a CAH entity in Louisiana

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